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    Caitlin Rice In Yoga Pants (Updated: 25 Photos)


    Caitlin Rice is a fitness model from British Columbia whose booty is going viral on the web right now. Enjoy these 24 photos of her in yoga pants & workout shorts and follow her on Instagram at
    @caitlinricefit. Which pic here is your favorite? (more…)

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    7 Pics Of Caitlin Rice In Yoga Pants


    catchingupThere’s only a few “must follows” on Instagram, and @CaitlinRiceFit is definitely one of them. So what’s your excuse?
    catchingup-3Still need some convincing? Check out the pics below, they’ll probably do the job.

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    7 Pictures That Will Show You Exactly Why Caitlin Rice Is Giving Jen Selter A Run For Her Money


    caitlin-rice-6Do you think one day @CaitlinRiceFit woke up, looked at her ass in the mirror and thought “damn… that’s going viral”? Because to me, it’s pretty obvious.

    caitlin-rice-12If you weren’t a fan before these pics, you will be after. 5 more pics ››

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    Caitlin Rice is a dime


    caitlin-rice-5You know that cocaine that’s so good it’ll make you shit yourself? Well Caitlin Rice is like that but in yoga pants form. Now excuse me while I go clean myself up.

    Follow her on Instagram: @CaitlinRiceFit

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    360° Of Fitness Model


    @CaitlinRiceFit is not your average Instagrammer. First off, she looks like that. Secondly, you can pretty much see her nipples below and you can’t say that about every Instagrammer. Click here for 8 more pics! ›

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