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    Niykee Heaton’s booty is so good it might cause you to go blind (16 Photos)


    niykee-heaton-001I’ll admit I’d never heard of this girl @NiykeeHeaton until GIYP fan TEE sent us an email with some pictures of her beautiful booty. I still haven’t listened to any of her music, but if her booty is any measure of her talent I’d say we’ve got the next.. umm.. who was popular and hot as fuck in 2014? Katy Perry? yeah! We could potentially have the next Katy Perry on our hands here. niykee-heaton-003Maybe Iggy Azalea would have been a better comparison? I know for a fact she’s got an ass I want to face plant in and this girl Niykee definitely does as well. That’s why we’ve got everything from see-through shorts to bikini pics waiting for you after the jump. (more…)

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