11 Reasons You Should Already Be Following This Cute Stoner On Twitter

follow-her-1Here are the 11 reasons you should be following (and I should be marrying) this insanely cute girl on Twitter!
1. Thigh Gapfollow-her-2

2. Her booty is so good, it defies the laws of naturefollow-her-3

3. She loves weed & donuts. Woman after my own heart(attack).follow-her-4

4. She wears yoga pants to parties. (Thank you from every guy there!)

5. She’s excellent at #ScarlettJohanssoningfollow-her-5

6. She looks hot in a toque. (As a Canadian, this is surprisingly important)follow-her-6

7. She doesn’t give enough fxcks to wear matching socks.follow-her-7

8. She likes spending snow days taking selfies featuring her ass

9. She has tattoosfollow-her-9

10. She wears yoga pants a lot…follow-her-10

11. …and she’s always willing to prove it with a picture.follow-her-11

Written by C. Munson

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