So we’ve been getting a lot of submissions, and trust me, we’re grateful for every one of them – but the problem is, some times the camera quality is too poor or the angles aren’t right and therefore the pictures can’t be posted. I was raised not to waste.. I mean, there’s probably Internet-less perverts everywhere that would love to see some girls in yoga pants, and here we are just tossing them out. Alright, probably not as motivating as the “starving kids in Africa” line I used to get from my mother, but ladies, listen up!



Now we’re not saying the second submitter is not worthy of posting, we truly appreciate everyone who takes the time out of their day to take a picture of their bum for us – we just want you to get the kind of response from our readers that you deserve. So go to Best Buy, Future Shop or whatever retail chain overprices camera’s in your town, drop a couple grand on a nice Nikon and get crackin! Full pictures, after the jump!

Written by Randy Marsh

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