@DilaraEsenn in yoga pants

dilara-esen-001You may recognize this big booty as one we featured not once, but twice before. It belongs to a beautiful girl that happens to be friends with my future wife Michelle. Her name is @DilaraEsenn and you should definitely follow her.


You know how it seems that every attractive girl has an incredibly obnoxious douche bag boyfriend that really is way below their league and makes no sense? Well Dilara got rid of hers recently and it seems that bruh is a little upset with the attention her ass is getting on the internet. So you know what that means? More pictures of her incredible ass on the internet! I hope he’s reading this right now, raging hard while having the most confusing boner. Don’t worry buddy, we’re all right here with you, just staring at an ass you’ll never get to touch again. My favorite pic is the one where her skirt is just a little too short so her ass cheek is hanging out. What about you? Maybe I’ll try to convince both her and Michelle to marry me. I don’t know if I could handle that much booty, but I’m pretty sure it would give this guy an aneurysm.





Check out this bikini pic!

Written by C. Munson

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